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To the beginning of the Blood.
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To the beginning of the Blood.
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Aaaaand now everyone knows why I write and Nathan draws and not the other way around.

Rest assured, the story will pick up as scheduled on Monday. If you're a new reader, please, please, please visit some of our "real" work before you decide we're crap ;-)

After all...100 regular readers can't be wrong, right?

This page was a lot of fun to do. In theory. I got tired of how crappy my art looked and how terribly long it took me to produce even that by the time I was halfway through Dara...but I stand by my portrayal of Elnor. And teeny Caspian. I'm fairly certain that's a decent eyeball in panel 3 though...or maybe Nathan's just humoring me...anyway, keep an eye out for more of these 'bonus' pages every now and then (like maybe for our 100th Facebook fan or something...maybe 200th reader...we'll see). Have a good weekend, a good Easter and/or Passover, y'know, if you're into that, and check back for actual story development on Monday!

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