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To the beginning of the Blood.

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AnimeDetour is this weekend in Bloomington, MN, but if you haven't pre-registered, they're sold out...bummer.

SPRINGCON is just a few short weeks away! Get excited, people! We will be there with all 3 issues of Impure Blood, Roan-face buttons (they're hilarious, I assure you), free postcards, free bookmarks, and the oh-so-classy bright yellow tote bags (free with any $5 comic purchase). We will see you there! We better. I'm just sayin'.

And now for something a little some of you know, Nathan spent a semester of college studying illustration and comics at the Sozosha College of Design in Osaka, Japan. We are relieved to report that both the school and his host family are unscathed, as Osaka is far from the damaged areas in the Northeast. We've jumped on the $10 texting wagon and sent REDCROSS to 90999 to donate via phone bill. We don't tell you this for our own ego, or to pressure anyone else into doing the same, merely just to make surethat as many people as we can reach are aware of the option. Y'know, in case you're looking for something easy you can do.

And with that, we leave you for another week. Will Roan & Co. beat back this troupe of the black armies? Or will there be a gas leak again (*hint, hint, check back for our special April Fools page on Friday!)

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