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To the beginning of the Blood.
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Can you believe it's been a year already?!  Where does the time go?
That's right! It's been one year since we launched the site! Happy IB Birthday/Anniversary! It's been a whole year, and Roan still hasn't managed to find himself a shirt...

A big thank-you goes out to all of our fans, who make this oh so worthwhile for us! You are the best of the best! We've got some exciting things planned for 2011, which may just include the first print run of a bound volume--that's right, issues 1-4, plus a few extras. And then we're already a quarter done! I'm already sad to think of the story ending...but there are more stories to be told! We've already lined up the next story, and it's waiting in the wings for Nathan to finish drawing this one. You all like space travel and professional assassins, right? :)

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