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To the beginning of the Blood.
VOTE FOR US! Vote For Webcomic - Impure Blood The Webcomic List Comic Rank Caspian (to Elnor): Remind me what I’m paying you for again?

(Elnor throws a knife at a guy sneaking up on Caspian)

Caspian: Oh, that. Okay, but you’re still not on the clock: I’m paying by the job, not the hour.

Roan (to Dara): So, who is he and why aren’t I ripping his arms and legs off?

Dara: This calls for more exposition.

Roan: As long as it’s got cool illustrations.

Dara: Maybe, but Nathan’s going to have some aching wrists. We could make do with throwaway dialogue to liven up a travel scene on the way to the High Plains. Also, we’re probably going to be keeping folks from ripping his arms and legs off.

Caspian: Quit whispering! I don’t keep you around for advice! I’m in charge!

Roan: Go wind your watch

HAHAHA. We've been parodied...I find this awesome. If you missed the Caspian gag on facebook, check it out here. Also, Impure Blood is FINALLY for sale on-line. Companies that do on-demand printing of independent comic books have their hearts in the right places, but sometimes it takes a little bit of back and forth to get everyone on the same page...we are at IndyPlanet. Check it out there or on the store page. Maybe even buy one ;-) We would love to be able to do more than one page a week, but until it starts paying for itself, we've got to stick with "real jobs".

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