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To the beginning of the Blood.
VOTE FOR US! Vote For Webcomic - Impure Blood The Webcomic List Comic Rank So much to say, so little time! Traveling and ash clouds do not mix, as everyone knows by now. Especially when the airline tells you, "Well, you can get to Amsterdam, but once you get there, you're on your own. We're not rescheduling flights, we're not putting you in hotels, you are on your own." I kid you not. Gotta love Delta.

Anyway, while I've been out dealing with the debacle, Frankie published a guest blog I did for her and the Crew. (April 15th) Go check it out. Also in the news this week, has published an anthology of their most popular stories. Check out Shake, Rattle, and Troll by Zoe Zygmunt on the Fantasy Stories Page.

RT Book Convention starts next week! I am excited! Of course, I probably will not get a full 100 pages done for Screnzy this year (unless I really bust my hump the next couple of days, which isn't likely), but it was a fun ride. Might try again next year. Either way, I managed to crank out something along the lines of 30-40 pages, which, considering all the crap of this month, is pretty good.

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