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To the beginning of the Blood.
VOTE FOR US! Vote For Webcomic - Impure Blood The Webcomic List Comic Rank First and foremost--there is a new wallpaper up and available for download on the Free Stuff page. Check it out. Nathan was ultra-suave and made it usable for either Mac or PC. And the price is right!

Also, Impure Blood has been added to yet another listing site--another great way to find popular comics.

Speaking of popular comics, because we are, IB is holding strong at Webcomicz. Vote Here if you haven't yet today! It'd be nice to--as Zoe so eloquently and accurately put it--crack top ten with a non-sex-themed comic (okay, top one and two don't seem to be gay furry porns, but still...)

Issue one of Impure Blood is sending out for a test print this week!!! Get excited!

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Impure Blood

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