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To the beginning of the Blood.
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To the beginning of the Blood.
VOTE FOR US! Vote For Webcomic - Impure Blood The Webcomic List Comic Rank FIrst of all, a GIANT thank-you to everyone that has already and continues to vote for Impure Blood on Webcomicz. If you haven't voted yet, that's okay, we'll give you another chance! Remember, you can vote once a day from every IP address...hint, hint. (I'm subtle, right?)

Nathan is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the first print issue of the Impure Blood comic book. Look out for the announcement that they've gone to print within the next week or two. For those of you who've been around from the very beginning, there is another new competition going on at Zuda. If you've got some free time, check out some of the new competitors. Speaking of Zuda competiitors, check out the new artist on our Links page. Chuck Harrison, the creative force behind NewBot (last month's #2 Zuda finisher) updates every weekday with a sometimes twisted, always funny new drawing. Or, if going to the Links page is one step too many, click here.

Any fiction lovers out there with a few days available at the end of April should check out the RT Convention in Columbus, Ohio. NASquared will be there. Granted, it's more geared toward the readers and writers of novels, but there will be several workshops on how to transition to comics/graphic novels.

One more thing (holy long update, Batman!)--if you've ever wondered what it's like to milk a panda--NOT KIDDING--check out the Snarky Biologist's blog. It's brand-spanking new, but it promises to be a wild ride. How many people do you know that have actually wrestled grizzlies?

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