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To the beginning of the Blood.
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To the beginning of the Blood.
VOTE FOR US! Vote For Webcomic - Impure Blood The Webcomic List Comic Rank To all our fans who voted last week, you're awesome. We are up to #88 on WebcomicZ! Go back and vote for us again (you can vote for us once a day) and be even more awesome. This week's exciting news, Impure Blood will be at the MN State Fairgrounds on May 15-16 for Spring Con. We're hoping to get a table next to Seamus of Oh Goodie, so you'll be able to find all of us in one convenient spot. Mark your calendars and come see us live and in the flesh.

Speaking of Oh Goodie, Nathan did some fan art for the comic--check it out. The NASquared storefront is up and running, go visit the store page to find a link to our latest products. Anyone who looked it up last week got a sneak peak at the Drunken Unicorn steins you'll find in the next few scenes. Can you find the stein in today's page? It's like a Where's Waldo...

And now, a segue from Nathan..."Singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain!"

Yep. He's like that all the time.

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Impure Blood

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