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To the beginning of the Blood.
Elnor kicks butt. Copyright.  Paws off!
To the beginning of the Blood.
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Page eleven...Elnor kicks some serious Turien guard booty. But look how nice she is--she leaves Rodney hacking in the mud. Happy Birthday, man, today you get to live! And she has a new shiny thing. Girls like shiny things. But now the group is split up and heading for the Drunken Unicorn. Hopefully they don't run into any more ambushes...

This weekend we had some publicity photos done by JenniferA -- she even put up a sneak peek on her blog. Check it out! We're super excited. Impure Blood is still rising in the ranks at The Webcomic List AND Top Web Comics, which is neat. If you like the comic, feel free to click Vote ;-) Even if you DON'T like the comic, feel free to click Vote, we're really not that picky. That's all for today. For more minutia of our nerdy day-to-day, you can follow one or both of us on Twitter.

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