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To the beginning of the Blood.
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Hey! You're back! Neat. Come back next week too, okay?

GUARD FIGHT!!! Elnor totally would've got those three guys if she hadn't been watching Dara's back. Poor Roan. Gladiator fights all day, guard fights all night. He's looking a little run down...and he still has to get out of the city before sunrise...the night just keeps getting longer for him.

In non-this-comic-world news, Impure Blood jumped to #388 on The Web Comic List. That's #388/14,995 in our first three days of operation! Very cool. We're excited. In completely non-comic news, Nathan and I (maybe this is a good time to tell you that the "I" is Nadja, who is responsible for updating the website, and just about everything else that isn't the illustration, is the one talking in these little news feeds) are now both in training for the 100% Irish for a Day 10-mile run on March 13...that should be interesting! If nothing else, it will be fun fodder for Twitter updates...

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