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To the beginning of the Blood.
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To the beginning of the Blood.
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The beginning of the blood! As the writer, that is extremely clever to me, and hopefully it will be to you as you continue reading this story. Congratulations for finding us on the web, and for choosing to start at the beginning. Really, you made the right choice.

Anyway, above you see the first page of our graphic web novel. If you were around for the October 2009 Zuda Competition, you might recognize it and the next seven pages. If you're new to the story, hey, look, the first page! Awesome! Clearly, we didn't win the competition, but if we had, you wouldn't be here right now, so we aren't all that upset. Stick around for a while--as of January 2010 the first nine pages are available right off the bat, with one new page added every Monday--read what's available now, and bookmark us for later ;-)

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Impure Blood

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